After Apple failed to produce it; Xiaomi unveils a smart AirPower to charge more than

Most of us know the story of the AirPower wireless charging device that Apple was working on and announced in 2017 and it was intended to charge more than one device wirelessly at one time, and after many attempts, Apple did not succeed in launching this device due to major technical defects that we mentioned in a previous article – this link – and it By officially canceling work on it in early 2019. However, Xiaomi surprised us last week while celebrating its tenth anniversary by launching some products, most notably the AirPower charger that works and efficiently, and it turned out that it has overcome all the problems that Apple faced where you can charge two devices together and put them anywhere on this tablet .

After Apple failed to produce it; Xiaomi unveils a smart AirPower to charge more than one device

Certainly, there are alternatives through which you can charge more than one device wirelessly, but you must place each device in the correct position and accurately, but in a Xiaomi charger, you can place your device on the board anywhere and it will be charged immediately.

Previously, rumors indicated that Apple's AirPower device failed due to problems with the large heat emanating from it during charging, as well as the Apple Watch not charging well, which was not officially commented on by Apple.

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Xiaomi's smart charging pad has been revealed, which it named Mi Smart Charging Pad, which it said is a charging pad that intelligently distributes energy, and the total power of this product is 20 watts. This means that it has enough power to charge two devices at full speed (iPhone) or at high speed for the rest of the phones (all higher phones charge higher power and speed than the iPhone). The charger will be available in the Chinese market for 499 yuan, equivalent to approximately $ 72. There are no predictions of its launch date internationally, but we will soon find it in the usual online stores. Apple's dream has become a reality for others.

(( Update and clarification: The reviewers mentioned that the device supports two consecutive charging of devices, that is, you can put two phones, for example, and it will charge the first, then it will start charging the second device; it is amazing that Xiaomi moves the charging coil to start charging the device properly.))

There is still an advantage in theory for the unannounced Apple device, which is the ability to charge 3 devices at the same time, as Xiaomi supports only 2 devices. But actually, Apple could not produce any wireless charger and Xiaomi introduced a dual back-to-back device. As a reminder, the idea of these chargers is that they work at any angle and anywhere you place your phone. It is charged unlike other chargers. It marks for you where to place phones, such as an IKEA charger, for example.

Xiaomi launched Smart Charge Ready along with a number of other products such as Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, Redmi K30 and Mi TV Lux at a launch event in China. So we do not know for sure whether this smart charging pad is coming to global markets or not, or when it will be launched, but since the company sells similar products in a variety of countries, it may reach many locations soon but it will be at a higher price than China, meaning it might be at a price close to $ 100, for example.

What do you think of my AirPower device? And are you excited about such a charger? Let us know in the comments.



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