After asking in the United States.. the specification of the Galaxy Fit from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Fit For Sale in the United States, residents there get it from the Samsung official website where it costs $ 99.99, and comes in silver or black, we don’t have a date to launch it in other markets around the world, however, according to statements from within the Korean giant it will appear soon in the rest of the world markets.

It took me Samsung time to ask your Galaxy Fit to the (virtual stores) where the detected device fitness tracker the new along with set Galaxy S10 in March of this year, has been presented also along with a track only special fitness is called Galaxy Fit E.

Device specification Galaxy Fit

Galaxy Fit الآن في الولايات المتحدة بـ 100 دولار وقريبًا في بقية أسواق العالمHis Majesty is now in the United States with $ 100 and soon in the rest of the world markets

As for the specifications of the device, Galaxy Fitis equipped with a AMOLED screen compared to 0.95 inches feature at 120 x 240 pixels 282 pixels per inch, it’s highly water resistant, so it can be locked by the swim your for features Galaxy Fit monitor heart rate in addition to the automatic tracking for walking, running, cycling, canoeing, and dynamic this in addition to tracking your diet diary it’s like in life.

Estimated battery life with a week of one shipment and that’s something we would like to push him to the limit where it takes more than that, you can also reply to notifications smartphone on the tracker, but in general you should not expect a higher level of functionality of this device as it seems to compete with the likes of Fitbit Inspire HR or even Xiaomi Mi Band 4 announced recently, it also offers the advantages and characteristics of the great.

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