After attempts Huawei phone Honor 20 Pro finally gets a license to Google in preparation for its launch!

This period is one of the worst times that pass on Huawei, after Google banned the last company suspended the Chinese launch of the Honor 20 Pro due to his lack of operating license is required, but it seems that things have now improved a bit.

According to the latest news I have Huawei to obtain a license to run Google for its Honor 20 Pro after four weeks of attempts by the Chinese company leading.

هاتف Honor 20 Pro يحصل أخيراً على ترخيص جوجل

Phone Honor 20 Pro finally gets a license to Google

It was planned to launch Honor 20 Pro in early July, but the inability of Huawei to obtain the necessary certificates from Google was an unexpected obstacle has led to the postponement of the launch of the phone indefinitely, and now after receiving the phone the license can Huawei to launch Honor 20 Pro without postpone.

Is not announced the launch date of the new, but expected to be in mid-July at the latest, protecting the publicity of the major new had started already and did not prevent the company from releasing it only to not get the license Google.

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