After contested; the Instagram where they implemented to hide most of the publications on users

بعدما اشتد الوطيس؛ إنستقرام تنفي إخفاءها معظم المنشورات عن المستخدمين

Application Instagram where they will be on display the publications of the users according to priority, based on algorithms specific by using artificial intelligence and don’t expect any feature to make the content appear according to the publication, which can’t tell that from the user’s favor, mainly, even though the police talk about it.

Over the past year spread out comments about driving Instagram where they will be using the feature to supply by priority to show about 7% of the content published just for the fun of fans, which means that 93% of followers will see the content posted normally on the main page for the application. Which, once mentioned, will most users of the app, especially as they see some of the content frequently in provided later that there is content from other accounts was published a day or two before but he didn’t show them at the time.

But once that skinny contested the news spread dramatically on the net, the Instagram where they tweeted on Twitter to deny it. Published official account “we noticed a growing talk about identifying Instagram where they access content about 7% of the traders, and we want to make it.” He continued, “what you see in front of you first, building on accounts that attract and interact with them more, in addition to other factors such as the number of people you follow, the duration of use Instagram where they will be, and the time of publications.” Also complete the account, “we haven’t done any changes on the appearance of the publications to the users who you follow – as you continue to travel down and you’ll see more of publications, and again it shows you based on the way you use”.

And the truth is that as long as the company is showing content based on the publications that we interact with, this means the continuation of the emergence of publications of the same account without the other especially since the interaction is greater with the publication of the phenomenon first.

Maybe Instagram where they used it to deliver content to the most prominent to the user, as you say, does not use the advantage of the publications as time will change the attention of the user? Definitely not. But maybe the company uses things like this to encourage some of the accounts on the ads especially in the case of possession of large numbers of followers without interaction of contrasts with the large number, making the user think about bringing others to raise apples.

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