After damage to the Galaxy Fold – Samsung device repair and their customers to cancel the reservation!

Was accident damaged a number of devices Galaxy Fold in the hands of reviewers a real disaster for the phone foldable long-awaited, which put Samsung in a bind with customers who pre-book for your Galaxy Fold vs $ 2000.

جالكسي Fold

Galaxy Fold

Deferred company Samsung to sell the Galaxy Fuld in April 22, last, and schedule the clear to sell the device, saying it is working on the repairs, much to the chagrin of customers who book the phone rollaway in advance.

So Samsung opens pre orders until the 31 May, to their customers between the undo request or keep him until the date of shipment, unexpressed yet, and if the client did not come in and choose one of the options until the end of May then the company will cancel the reservation automatically.

For its part, said a spokesman for Samsung in a press release:

“The company is committed Samsung Electronics America to inform our clients on the condition of the advance reservation for your Galaxy Fold their own, while we continue to make progress in improving the Galaxy Fold, is not announced the date of the new version. For that reason, we recently contacted customers who have asked for our applications to provide them with information about their options as we move forward.

In accordance with the regulations of the United States, we have notified customers that it will cancel the registration of their presets in the case of non-shipping product by May 31, provide Samsung Electronics America customers the option to maintain their applications after this date customers can also cancel their request at any time.

Offer Samsung of trust placed by our customers in US and wishes to thank them for their patience and understanding “.

Finally, the Galaxy Fold was a wonderful phone, but this failure of gas calculated to make Samsung the decline of the infrastructure for its folding, the company is not the level of scandal such as scandal Galaxy Note 7 again, especially in the midst of the progress of devices Galaxy S10 , Galaxy Note 9 recently.

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