After days of fall, Samsung.. Huawei into the trap of staging the display

Revealed last week, the leadership of the company Samsung concocting pictures of propaganda for the A8 in Brazil where it appears the heroes of the advertising taking a picture of like a Galaxy A8 is in fact due to the professional camera and not a phone. Company Chinese major Huawei has the same thing, but in its propaganda campaign in the new Egypt thanks to the detection of fabrication pictures are representative of advertising that is published behind-the-scenes account on Instagram.

Police released a new ad across YouTube for Nova 3i New which is shown by the heroes of the advertising are using your phone to take pictures in different positions. Continued advertising normal even the hero of his published images that spread on social media sites in Egypt is controversial largely on the credibility of the Chinese company.

Not stand it also when social networking sites but the sites technology and smart phones in the world to write about the news the morning after the publication of one of the users of a site Reddit image taken from the account is possible via Instagram shows the process of fabrication.

Looking at the photo published on the Inter which have been cleared by now seeing the hero of the ad do not catch anything from the foundation and pretends his hand that holding the phone selfie. This is not the first and not the first way also where is the recourse to other tricks which make you wonder in the end why serve the user base and think about a trick like that?

This is not the first time Huawei also it is clear that this is the way that I thought. In 2016 the company published a photo it claims for the Huawei P9 and discover they have been captured with a camera professional, where there is still no justification from the company.

Samsung on the other side wasn’t silent like the non-detected fake pictures of a phone A8, where after it was disclosed that the images that were used by the company in advertising is photo ready justified the police did to her that these images reflect what users did and their behavior. Certainly the response of the Samsung is better than silence but it does not justify also why companies of this size to trick users in these ways that don’t look clever in any way.

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