After delivery to the public investment fund of Saudi invests million in lucid motors

بَعدَ تسلا صندوق الاستثمارات العامة السعودي يستثمر مليار دولار في لوسيد موتورز

Obviously, the kingdom would like to increase its investment in the plan of the auto industry associated with the environment, after what has been confirmed from the CEO of Tesla electric car industry, with public investment fund of the kingdom to 5% of its shares, which offers $ 10 million Saudi riyals, which is already mentioned previously.

Today he knows the voice of negotiations between the Fund and Atieva, the Royal plan of car production lucid Electric, to invest $ million ($3.7 million SAR), according to Reuters.

The company is lucid motors from the competition to, in the industry of electric vehicles associated with the environment, which revealed the context of her Lucid Air, at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2016, offered a copy of their initial exhibition in Las Vegas for electronic products 2017, has shown back then it is a strong competitor to the specifications of high, near-perfect, with many amenities, where it is the largest spacious car shed, give the space the rear seats look more comfortable, with the possibility to open a put lie down, and the cockpit. the very stylish, in addition to the system self-check.

The company has passed a phase of stagnation after a show of its sovereignty in 2017, which is scheduled to launch at the beginning of 2019, but it seems that the lack of a company representative and contributor to strong, was the main obstacle in front of her, she was trying to secure a safe investment, to support the production line version of their Lucid Air, across multiple devices from the Commission to Door lending, or bring in investors, or make use of voluntary funds for organizations associated with the environment.

It seems that the new step of the public investment fund of Saudi Arabia, will help in solving the crisis of representative of the company, and DOWN PAYMENT powerful for Lucid Air of light in the markets, and investors to support them also.

It is worth mentioning that the amount will be paid in stages, where would be the first phase of$ 500 million, and the rest of the building will provide two payments, in the event the company has reached a certain stage of the production of a number of units, according to some reports.

The flow of the city after climbing the public investment fund of Saudi invests million in lucid motors appeared first on the tech world.

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