After four years: the journey of the former in the field of Health

I still remember that time when he was the Apple Watch -Most of the smart watches – just rumors, fiction. At the time we didn’t have for health trackers such as Fitbit, which was her job counting steps, mileage, and sometimes the heartbeat is not accurate that we see today of course. Contributed to those devices make a lot of people more willing to exercise the basic shape characteristics of Health in hand. So that the idea of a smart watch was laughing a lot and i them. Those saying We will never use for traditional watches for a smart watch but did marvels. Then spin us the days and hours Apple title of most watches sold in the world (despite the fact that this force is some manipulation we will clarify this in an upcoming article) but this does not diminish from the fact the popularity of the former. Important here is that the former have adopted the characteristics of health seriously and developed every year and focus on them. So how does the former in the health field after four years?

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The beginning of the gradual

As a whole new product, not the goal of the first hour is to focus on a particular property it is to provide a home for and display all the characteristics as the device receives notifications, has Apps Enjoy the characteristics of the task, and also as a follower of the activity of Health, did not shine memory version much in any aspect at the expense of the other side and ended up with users up neglected properties, health and previous users to view the notifications as expected in the beginning. Then Apple smartly with each update hernia issue Former the latest and add the new properties with the update the hours oldest to get a lot of those characteristics Fisher my previous latest of is interested in gear only new. And to the years and Apple Support characteristics of the Health strongly in the organization by the full and at the hour of Apple not to back it, market it became viable to focus on certain characteristics.

The establishment of the full healthy

Apple Watch not acting alone like the other watches. It not only logs the data and display it in the app as public, but all data is recorded and analysis linking the results together to get the benefits of real health and here transmitted to Apple Watch concept device Press another key. It was the kiss represents the path of the on sports more than the page itself, but Apple is now offering it as a great to challenge your friends in sports but it also may be useful for the health of your core as the heart, diabetes and the medical record and so on. How much do Apple TV they are not built all of this alone, but easy tools to developers through HealthKit to make programs better and more in tune with the previous and apply the health in the iPhone. Also added system developers tools is very important configured CareKit and ResearchKit which provide many benefits including the benefits of the core to facilitate the follow-up to the doctor to his patient and provide the medical service required remotely and facilitate the work of researchers in the medical field for research based on data collected from large numbers of people and that’s exactly what it needs of medical research (of course the information is collected after the approval of its owner) and all of this has been in partnership with the largest research institutions such as Oxford, Stanford and other prestigious institutions.

And to prove the efficiency of the previous

The other goal of the characteristics of Health Research and the long-term is the ability of the company to develop the thinking of their organizations when it comes to health and diseases through as group information. Became the sixth alert the owner when there is abnormal. And sensation disorders such as those related to imbalances of the heart and through his diabetes, high thyroid activity. As time alerted the lady to style her heartbeat unusual and when I went to the hospital, diagnosed with increased activity of the thyroid gland. Or that time when you warned the patient based on the heartbeat pattern also at the time the patient was sitting in church and when I went to the hospital she discovered the girl being infected with the syndrome about which worsen the renal function continuously and gradually until it reaches the stage of failure, and finally I want to mention EpiWatch application developer by hospital Johns Hopkins education which is considered one of the largest cultural level, the usefulness of this app is the follow-up to seizures for patients with epilepsy. That’s enough examples. I think you get the point.

News like this is as a lighted match as soon as you touch it. visit any media breathing hard and leads to make the image of the former is much better when users didn’t some would never buy them. And the circle expands the circle of purchase reputation of the former.

All this says for a moment the current

It is the moment of the announcement of the fourth generation of the previous with all the gear characteristics of its predecessors, the characteristics of the new system, and also the characteristics of the new gear that I can Apple TV get the permit of the organization of the food and Drug Administration of America and was able to bring President of the foundation for the American Heart Association and they put their rules and guidelines for practicing physicians to the theater to wipe himself. Becomes able to follow the heartbeat, the chest problems came the bra, and since last year the measurement height to your activity in the up stairs or up mountain roads, this is useful for athletes as it is beneficial for heart patients. Also enjoy the previous follow-up in patients with epilepsy and draw a heart (this is simple). With all these features and experiences that are posted daily being the former solid ground of what you can do now, and more importantly what can you do from the real assistance of the medical board and patients, even some health insurance companies know previous free or at a discounted price as part of health plans for its customers. Can Apple TV in this success or even are starting a new industry as it did with the iPhone and-iPad?

What do you think of the previous advance in the field of Health in particular? And do you think they will focus more?


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