After getting them in the Android design Gmail new comes on the iOS

بعد الحصول عليه في أندرويد تصميم جيميل الجديد يأتي على iOS

Making design Google New his way slowly all the applications and products of the company, and the first services that I got this design service was “Gimli” from the web site, and last week the company launched its design for application Gmail on Android, and now the same support comes to the other system iOS, will see users of iOS, this change starting this week.

On the other hand, this update is thrown from the server side, which means that the user won’t be forced to update and download the app manually, even if the app is updated to the latest version, as well as access gradually to users around the world.

As for the new look, it has been to get rid of red lists and appearance of stained, relying fully on the white color, the design also line Google new button to create a new mail, as well as a new way to switch between accounts within the app, while the search for messages or attachments to a particular is also a major feature that made the new.

Finally as mentioned we are working with Google to move their applications and services gradually to the design of its new “Material theme”, with a get it early to serve the company on the web, and at the same time have seen some applications recently that of design as the notes Keep the application maps both on Android or iOS.

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