After Google banned.. 4 alternatives to phone Huawei P30 Pro

Makes the camera system Leica quadrilateral amazing phone Huawei P30 Pro best phones and the most unique that have been released this year, but after the establishment of the American government to ban Huawei and the leadership of Google not to allow users of the company’s products not to get updates related to Android, the phone purchase is risky especially that the price up to 900 USD, while at the same time, the possibilities that the device is very high and avoid a lot of interested in the acquisition of the latest smart phones, to solve that problem we have brought you the best alternatives for this phone can be acquired.

Phone the Google Pixel 3 XL

بدائل هاتف Huawei P30 Pro في ظل الحظر الذي تتعرض له هواويAlternatives to phone Huawei P30 Pro under the ban on Huawei

Images low lighting for taking pictures, the best replacement for Huawei P30 Pro is Pixel 3 XL, the sound quality is the best you can get currently over the phone, each phone has a custom mode for lighting low: Night Mode on the P30 Pro and Night Sight on the Pixels, both the state which fall two pictures of the night the best of any phone you can buy today, the rate of pixels normally at $ 899 but can be found at a heavily discounted price from time to time.

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