After he was killed in 2006 I robot “Sonny” come back to life

Decided Sony Sony Japanese re robot her beloved “EU” Aibo life, after the cessation of the draft produced in 2006, but the new possibilities this time, including Artificial Intelligence, the AI connected to the services cloud Cloud.

Robot “EU”, which achieved great fame and love children and have dealt with him as a puppy the fact, you will be able to in its new version of face recognition, and develop his personality and use it gradually over time, and that knows what will make its owner happier.

And select Sony the date of the sale of the first version of the new Android, which is the previous generation of Android, in the month of September next, where the asset price will stay in the United States of America 2,899 $ (about 52 thousand Egyptian pounds).

Thanks to the technology of artificial intelligence AI new related to the cloud, and advanced sensing, the robot can IP Aibo learn new tricks, interact with the daily events, rather than just sit around the house waiting for his companions.

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