After Huawei … 3DMark reveal the deception of the Oppo to users in measuring the performance of its phones

بعد هواوي ... 3DMark تكشف خداع أوبو للمستخدمين في قياس أداء هواتفها

Raised the UL Benchmark the author of the application 3DMark sensation before the period when the deletion of the results of the performance of the phones Pi 20 Pi 20-Pro from its list of performance measurement for smart phones, reasoned by the fact that Huawei has been serving users through the software to make the phone gives the results of the performance of the most powerful when you use the application 3DMark, to be the phone’s performance, when measured higher than the real.

But it doesn’t seem that Huawei alone had been doing that from the big companies, so that 3DMark showed that the Oppo is doing the same thing, has the company has removed the results of my phone Find the X-F7 on its platform because of it. Was Find X is the fourth most powerful device in the list in terms of performance.

Featured phones the Oppo raise the performance of the processor temporarily when you use the application 3DMark and the top 41% of the true speed of the phone.

Find X وF7

Can companies measure the performance of this type of service through the difference between the existing applications on the App Store, or special applications that the company itself using it, and in case of significant differences, the service order becomes visible to everyone.

Has adopted the OBO that the phones were programmed for the application 3DMark and then raise the speed of the phone abnormally, when the performance measurement process from the users.

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