After iPad, Company of Heroes will arrive for iPhone September 10

Feral Interactive announced that Company of Heroes iPhone will be available on September 10, along with an Android version. This comes after an earlier iPad version was launched in February.

The company first announced in April that an iPhone version is coming on the way, but it didn't provide a more specific time frame at that time.


Company of Heroes is known to be a game set in the time of World War II, and the game won great acclaim and wide popularity among fans of real-time strategy games, and it includes a combination of fast battles, dynamic fighting environments and advanced team-based tactics.

Designed specifically for the iPad, Company of Heroes features an intuitive user interface for the quick implementation of advanced real-time tactics in the thick of battle.

Feral says that the iPhone version will work on iPhone 6s and later. It's also a one-time purchase of $ 13.99, with no in-app purchases. If you have already purchased the iPad version, you will be able to install the iPhone version at no additional cost.

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