After iPad Pro 2018, the tablet Surface Pro 6, which, in turn testing the durability

Surface Pro 6

Not uncommon to see Acer famous Zack Nelson of channel JerryRigEveryThing subjecting the tablet tests the cross that was going on their smart phones, but we noticed lately that he has decided to add tablets to the list of his victims. The beginning was with the iPad Pro 2018, and now it’s the turn on device tablet Surface Pro 6 to come out for the same treatment.

In the test of scratching, it turns out that the screen of the tablet Surface Pro 6 serve in the seventh level of the scale of Mohs, but its easy design, which means that it would be appropriate if you purchase a glass protective layer for your tablet device for more protection. When it comes to the structure of the tablet is made of aluminum making it scratch resistant, despite the fact that the test revealed to us that the power button and control buttons accidentally made of plastic.

When it comes to the test of war, has withstood the tablet screen Surface Pro 6 for about 12 seconds before you turn the pixels to black color, but fortunately is recovering the screen quickly.

You probably won’t be able to stuffing this tablet large size in his pants pocket, but might sit on it accidentally while on the couch or something like that. In this case, the result may be very bad because the tests showed that the Surface Pro 6 is subjected to bending, and although the tablet continues to work however, a lot of unwanted damages. So, the conclusion of the basic here is that if you decide to buy a Surface Pro 6, make sure you deal with them gently and with great care.

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