After its completion.. things you should know about “war of the courts” between Apple and Samsung

The company Apple and Samsung recently agreed to settle judicial disputes remaining between them about intellectual property patents, which began in 2011 and lasted for years in the courts of America because of the quote of the Samsung patents in Apple’s smartphones and tablets, and now after the settlement of these legal disputes to you the most important points.

1 – after 7 years the two companies to drop the case.

Informed both Apple and Samsung officially court in California that they will contribute the remainder between them of outstanding issues between them.

2. the terms of the settlement are unknown at the current time

I didn’t know any of the two companies on the terms of delivery or terms yet, but Samsung paid millions to Apple in compensation throughout the year.

3 – no more issues

Explained to the presiding judge that no two companies raise any new issues regarding this matter.

4 – started the issues between the two companies since 2011

Began to legal aid between the two companies in 2011 by defeating Apple in the first issues between them.

5 – iPhone project bet Apple

I told Apple the court during the discussion of the special issues of stealing the design of iPhone that iPhone is a project of the bet, and that design is not a part of it is the phone itself.

6 – quote in design included a form of screen iPhone icons

Included cases relating to patented design the screen of the iPhone black its edges rounded and the edges around it as well as the agglutination of the colored icons on the screen. And ask Samsung any phones bearing the characteristics of this design currently.

7 – other properties copied

Other properties suggested by Samsung of Apple’s included return to the previous page and light to enlarge the image.

8. the dispute about the value of money due to Apple I have a Samsung

Claimed Apple it’s worth a million dollars from the profits of Samsung due to a quote recent patents, while Samsung said that Apple is preparing a 28 million dollars.

9 – The Apple says that Samsung didn’t improve the top smart phone manufacturers in the world if you didn’t kill them to design their

Said deer if Samsung didn’t implement in the negotiation of all its competitors and become a world leader in the smart phone industry if I didn’t quote the techniques that works the iPhone and the development of a similar plan doesn’t work with Android.

10. The provisions of the previous confirmed violation of Samsung patents Apple

Supported the provisions to a previous violation of Samsung for some patents Apple, but keep the value owed to Apple to replace the mixer. So I decided a jury previously secures Apple in a fine of $ 1.05 million, before being cut down by Judge Lucy Koh to 548 million Samsung pushed them already 399 million in damages for violating patents of Apple.

11. the Apple is grateful to the jury

Apple announced earlier expressed gratitude to the jury for their consent to fined Samsung for violating patents Apple, and that the issue is related to what is the most money for ignited a revolution in the world of smart phones the iPhone than paying Samsung for them.

12 – conflict with Samsung isn’t about money it’s about being responsible

Stated Tim Cook CEO of Apple in 2012 that it’s not just the money but the intent and responsibility, and the use of Apple for the judge, I reluctantly came after her request over Samsung’s to stop the violation of patents invented.

13 – Samsung says the battle is not over yet

Samsung has announced in a statement that the court’s decision and the findings with Apple becomes in your favor, and they will make sure you access solutions do not hinder innovation and freedom of fair competition between companies.

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