After its launch in the Arab states.. 5 features hidden in version Spotify Free

Launched Spotify (Google Play – App Store) in 13 Arab countries today, and had the paid service for 20 SAR/ AED or 50 Egyptian pounds per month knowing that prices vary from one state to another and the price ranges are often between 2-5$.

If you decide to subscribe to in Spotify you will have access to 30 million audio clip and convert any of them to run it in offline mode will improve the accuracy of the sound will not disturb your ads, but if you decide to enjoy the free service this 5 things you should know to improve your experience.

Playlists to your taste

Because the free version doesn’t allow to run any song he wants by the user whenever he wanted, be forced to listen in the put back (shuffle) that you can’t pick a song except by flipping between so many songs, but the exception of 15 list run by the application to the user based on picked-up from the artists, you’ll find these lists on the main page and as long as I didn’t find next to its icon back to the blue can turn any song of them whenever you want without the need to flip long.

Create playlists

You can create your own playlists by clicking on the three points of the top of the window playing the song and then choose Add to playlist or click on the heart icon to add songs to the favorites menu, with the flag to run these lists will be put in back only.

Tell Spotify what you like.

Is not the only purpose of the heart icon is to add songs to playlists and favourites, the use of the heart andtreatment – responsible for the hide song of the playlist with respect to Spotify more to your taste to improve recommendations in the future.

Delivery via Wi-Fi

A better solution to connect speakers via Bluetooth is to provide connectivity through Wi-Fi which is possible by the presence of the speaker and which works with the app such as your phone or computer on the same network; and in the song, choose Devices Available that appear in the window of each song and then choose the speaker to be connected to the app, the wearer can use the app on your phone or computer for remote control in the songs.

Save phone data

To avoid a drain on the Spotify package speed internet, you can activate the saving mode data which transmits quality images to go to the Home screen and then clicking on the Settings icon up there and activate the Data Saver.

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