After months of waiting .. Google launches Stadia officially with a 22-game

After years of rumors, the company announced Google in the month of March officially its intention to enter into the gaming market service (state) Stadia, and then started over the eight months following the announcement of the details of the service to broadcast new games, now the service became officially available in 14 states.

And benefit service broadcast games (state) of the cloud infrastructure and the enormous owned by Google, without the need for platform games, or computers with specifications strong. It can be accessed through a web browser (chrome) of the company, on any laptop, or desktop computer, as the service is available on smartphones, TVs, and via a broadcast of the company also (Chromecast Ultra) Chromecast Ultra. The gaming console will be via a new control (state controler) Stadia Controller.

After months of waiting .. Google launches Stadia officially with 22 game

Unlike extensions to the traditional games, the remote service will connect with Google’s servers directly via Wi-Fi networks. But the service is experiencing a big challenge, which they need to have an internet connection of at least 10MB to assess the experience of the game series 720p at the rate of 60 frames per second with sound to. And you need to contact 20 MB games 1080p resolution with support for HDR photos surround 5.1 Surround, either to run games 4K needs the user to connection at a speed of 34 Mbps.

It is indicated that the TVs will only support the remote Stadia Controller at all, as the phones (pixels) of the third generation and beyond just what will play on smart phones. Also, computers (Chrome OS) will be compatible with the spline also. The phones iPhone, computers, iPad, tablets, smartphones operating system Android of the non-pixels does not support the service after.

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The software, the service (state) lacking in today’s first launch to a number of advantages, including game achievements, and participation the family, and developed for the digital assistant (set) Assistant. But Google is planning to release weekly updates to the service brings with it more advantages.

And Google have opened in the month of June last the door of the book The basic version of the service Stadia founder’s Edition in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, and the Netherlands. These include women’s control device, and(Chromecast-Ultra), a subscription for 3 months in the service (state Pro) Stadia Pro. And Google may have sold these copies at a price of 129 USD in the month of October last.

After months of waiting .. Google launches Stadia officially with 22 game

There are other version (Premiere Edition) Premiere Edition is still available for sale, which includes the control device, and a broadcast service, Stadia Pro vs the price itself. And gear, the user needs to subscribe to the services (state Pro) for 9.99 U.S. dollars per month to get the games to 4K.

Google plans through 2020, providing the basic version of the service (state pace) Stadia Base free for precision 1080p only. But the user will buy the games they wish to access, just as is the case on any platform other games. This service comes with 22 game.

After months of waiting .. Google launches Stadia officially with a 22-game

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