After officially announced.. add a new feature in the phone OnePlus 7 Pro

Will come phone OnePlus 7 Pro which was announced officially next Tuesday, complete with aims to grab buyers of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, but there is also one small change, targeting the defect complained of by many, where the company updated the way that will be OnePlus 7 Pro when you receive the notice, the company has announced this officially.

A lot of that drives the shaking device is very weak, leading to notifications of missed, others find the vibrations as when you use the phone to be not very consistent, one of the users of Reddit in the last year to create a message on the website to submit a petition to the police in order to “drive mode vibration good on the upcoming devices” and received the message 481 good assessment and agree and 149 comment definitely on this defect.

It seems that OnePlus has listened finally to those complaints, said the founder of OnePlus CEO Pete Lau in an interview by email: “we use constantly to the comments of the community about the features and properties that they wish to see applied to phones OnePlus, help us their feedback on the focus on certain features,” said Lau: “it was our goal with the phone OnePlus 7 Pro is to create the best phone possible not only in the outstanding level, but in level ultra extremely, we aim really to make the experience of coexistence excellent.”

Solve the problem of the vibration in the phone OnePlus 7 Pro

ميزة مهمة تم إضافتها في هاتف OnePlus 7 Pro

To help solve the problem of vibration of the weak, make the OnePlus the engine of his new larger confirming that the new engine is stronger 200% than the previous engine, said Lau: “it was on our team to rethink the interior design for the phone OnePlus 7 Pro without to increase its thickness or size, at the same time, we had to make sure that engine vibration in the correct position so that the vibrations are strong.

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Referred Lau pointed out that users will be able to control the settings of the vibration on the phone OnePlus 7 Pro, with Save options the power of the vibration of “light” and”medium” and”strong” for each of the calls, and other notifications, allowing users to also adjust the option to change the vibration patterns of the settings of the engine that will come graded from 1 to 6, and adds that users will also be able to “adjust the vibration” in the keyboard when typing.

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