After PayPal .. Mastercard and eBay and the stripes leave a coin Libres


After just one week of departure PayPal, I left more of the major companies of the coalition that helps work Facebook digital Libres. And now there are three new companies had left a Mastercard, eBay, Stripe.

This comes withdrawal a few days before the first official meeting of the alliance is planned to be held next Monday in Geneva.

The eBay and Stripe statements of the diplomatic exit from the coalition despite their respect and appreciation and support of solutions for electronic payment.

Will eBay to improve the experience of its own payment to its customers, while the Stripe remains on the line of the back where it would continue to pursue LeBron and possibilities of the hope of future cooperation. Did not provide a Mastercard any official statement about its exit from the coalition.

Face the companies affiliated under the alliance Libres considerable pressure from governments and financial authorities around the world, where it seems to them the draft of the digital currency Libres a dangerous threat to the financial system.

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