After removing it the return of the application Split Screen Launcher follow the Google Play

بعد إزالته عودة تطبيق Split Screen Launcher لمتجر قوقل بلاي

With the advent of the split-screen feature on Android, we have seen a huge amount of applications coming to the same idea, of is addressed to users who have not obtained water by default, or users who want the alternative and more generally was the application of Split Screen Launcher one of these apps, but for some reason the application has been removed from the App Store by its developers.

And here now is because one of the new, so that with it you will be able as a user of Android, run your application automatically in Split-Screen mode, and even if your Android device does not come with this feature by default, so with him you will be able to create shortcuts to applications on the Home screen, and immediately the pressure on the particular test, will run the two applications, which were identified previously.

Finally, what Zala application Split Screen Launcher in the beta demo, but it levels to a great extent, to disable it go to his page on the store Google Play from here.

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