After that killed a woman … Uber cars self-driving hoping to go back again!

بعد أن قتلت امرأة.. سيارات أوبر ذاتية القيادة تأمل العودة من جديد!

Again, go back to AWeber to open the project file its cars self-driving, so after about 7 months on the case that sparked the controversy, and in the death of Mrs. Arizona America, in the painful event is the first of its kind, which lead to the death of a person by the car without driver, have you become Uber ready now?

Uber cars self-driving

The company issued AWeber American multinational a recent report, requesting from the management of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety, allowing him to experience the self-driving cars, in the ways of the state of Pennsylvania, where he re this request to mind the tragic accident which occurred last March, which killed a woman hit by a car, Uber self-driving, during the selected state of Arizona.

Explained Uber in its report, the group of changes that has made, to ensure safety is uncertain, to avoid a repeat of the disaster that happened before, they indicated that they will have workers running in each experimental car, one sitting behind the wheel of a car, will you other in the system from the passenger seat next to him.

Knows the Uber CEO, house of Sarah, through a code issued by through a network the internet on it, saying: “we all feel terrible about the tragic accident which occurred in March last, where we have over the subsequent months with all the changes and procedures that ensure the safety of the dog, after that we decided not to go back to the road again, only after the cure of the crisis”.

The return of the controversial

Everyone is waiting now the decision of officials in the United States, on the return of tests policy Uber self-driving new or not, where do you mean approved here, it would become the first time called during which the return of a self-driving car on the streets of America after the incident famous.

It is worth mentioning that the special investigation of the incident, it was found that a device operating the car, did not notice the presence of a woman in the way, although the sensors had identified its presence before the accident, informed that the investigation also discovered that the official AWeber competent to monitor the road, he was following the “Hulu” the time of the incident, one of the channels broadcast movies and series online in the United States.

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