After the ban there Russia bans Google services!

بعد حظر تيليغرام روسيا تحظر خدمات قوقل!

Russia announced days before of the start prohibition of the services of the messaging application there is in the country because of the refusal of police to grant them the encryption keys to your data users, it seems that it didn’t end up with there only!

Where the company stressed that Google that a number of its main services stopped working I have a million users in Russia, the company said that the email service “Gmail”, and Google Play, the services of a search engine, in addition to android, the services of the company’s cloud may have been affected significantly in Russia due to the actions of the government there.

The Russian communications surveillance RKN has announced about the expansion of the circle of the prohibition of numbers to IP users who are dealing with the services of the company.

The idea of the Russian government to ban any IP on the internet is trying to connect with there or Google, which make there update the Add with the application of her work to change the number blocked automatically, however, whenever there change the number the number of the IP numbers of the network will rise significantly.

Russia with tough measures recently to prevent the occurrence of any acts of violence or bombings before hosting the 2018 World Cup in June, but it looks like it will adversely affect more when tourists find that they are unable to use most of the basic services to the regulars.


The intervention city after the ban there Russia bans Google services! Appeared first on the tech world.

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