After the beginning of validity of the GDPR, what changes will we find her?

You must be over the weeks and Days last found the words GDPR in front of you in every place of dozens of e-mails from different e-services used by telling you that their service started to adhere to the new regulations. Also in the news on the sidelines we talked a few times about some things related to this Law. Yesterday, May 25, 2018 began the official app of the law. What we feel or find him right after the application?

بعد بداية سريان GDPR ما التغيرات التي سنجدها؟

What is the Law of the GDPR is?

Law of the GDPR is the law in the European Union are interested in particular businesses are required several things to protect the data of users of the European Union as the law imposes huge fines which is 20 million euros or 4% of the company’s income of the previous year (whichever is greater) on violators. The law requires any company located in Europe or offer their services within Europe to comply with them. It is reported that the law began its preparation in 2012 and approved in 2016 and just yesterday became binding for companies.

Does this mean that companies will stop spying on you?

The law does not mean definitively that companies have to stop collecting users ‘ data; the law does not interfere in any corporate style. It regulates the privacy that the police should explain to the client that they collected data, blah, blah, blah and using it in such and such and it may not share data with others. In a nutshell puts the decision in the hands of the user is to decide and agree in advance and knows exactly what pool companies.

Isn’t the laws previously provided the same thing the companies disclose it?

Answer the theory is yes, but not actual; the old regulations, companies were already telling the user that they collect some data “required to” and used to make improvements in the service and may be shared with some effort. Just like that, without clarifying the exact what, how and when and what is data. We may collect some data, we may use it we may share it. The new law GDPR obliges companies to explain what they collect and when and what they do to your data. The old laws were not restricted, so the failure of the European Union for the years of conviction of Google in the abuse of users ‘ data or even to force him to tell them what to do with the data.

How do I know what is being collected about me?

On any service to show a clear way for you to let you know the data that is collected about you. The law obliges companies to streamline the list to use Mega to become easy to read. In the past, companies had to learn to write the list of huge complex resigns them to read it and put conditions on the approval without thinking; and the law this step is a ploy of the companies to take the consent of the client, without to read. And add any data in this Regulation. Suffice it to recall that Apple Put a clause saying he’s not entitled to terrorists to use the program iTunes in the manufacture of bombs of mass destruction –see our article old-.

What about the data that have been collected earlier?

The law requires companies to add a mechanism to enable them to gallery or download all the data recorded about them. No it’s like you have the right to know everything that stimulates his Apple, Google, and Facebook and twitter and you previously since the beginning of the work of these companies and now. You are entitled to download these data and review them at any time you want, it’s your data.

What if found in the recorded data is I don’t want the company to keep it?

The law provides that your data belongs to you and not the property of the company of which you are entitled to request from any company to delete any data you don’t want her to keep it. For example, carrying your data from one of the networking sites I was surprised that they held some old photos scanned to understand you have the right to demand they delete it and corporate compliance.

You will adhere to the companies law or will happen to the deception and manipulation?

Of course officially told companies that they will abide by the law, but this does not mean that the company of angels and carried without discussion; but there are others, will check in the obligation of the company and monitor risk, there is a fine deterrent that up to 4% of the company’s income. Imagine that, Apple last year made the income of 225 million, this means that a fine Apple-like would be $ 9 billion. Paying the fine does not mean that he is entitled to continue infringing. Any will pay the fines, and abide by the law and infringing if not, you will leave again.

What about We the citizens of the Middle East?

Law binding States of the European Union and those living within them or offering their services to its citizens; that is, non-binding for anyone who is outside; but the good news is that the world is a small village; the people are dealing with often serve citizens in Europe and therefore are obligated to follow this Law. Of course businesses have a right to say that it will adhere to the law for European users and its other, but this would be a recognition of the company by stealing data illegally destroys their credibility.

You will soon fined the company?

Don’t expect this simply because the law is new in Europe or in general fines the goal of warning and a trap to collect money from citizens. So such unsubstantiated and the beginning of the implementation of the law will start the hardware on the review of the Regulations for companies and make sure their commitment will be there from law to properly and adequately there are layers, but it lacks some of the things here will be directed to advice and not to amend several points to comply with the law. This applies to everyone because even large companies may not know precisely that it is contrary to law, for example, Microsoft remember reading in its position “because the general law of data protection has not been enacted yet, it is hard to see any of the products or the cloud or otherwise be compatible when it is launched. However, in order to find the tools you need your organization to enhance its compliance will need to find companies that have pledged to comply with already.” Any that Microsoft itself says it is not clear who follows the law, it is not advised small businesses by following the steps of companies which have declared their commitment.

But that doesn’t mean the above that, if found contrary to the express terms of the police said they applied it and found investigated they have not been applied she would be exempt from the fine. The above review and editing may apply for found that, according to 95% such as a deficiency in the application.

How to get to my data you have companies different?

This question is so complex, each company its own style and method of storing different data and even a way to download different; but you’re supposed to if you go to the box privacy Privacy or searched in the Company name next to the GDPR to find links to help you. We have made it clear days before a special essay provided Apple’s style, which Layer and what data it collects. See this link for more.

Does the law apply only in the data collected from companies?

The law has many details such as that required companies to disclose breach of security during the 72 hours up to a maximum of its occurrence. Previously companies had to wait for months and maybe years before you know that it was hacked databases. Examples of famous companies waited long periods (Yahoo and LinkedIn) licence of the company “the cream” suitable for the uber wagon. But with the law the police should know the user that his data may be penetrated up to a maximum of 72 hours if this occurs.

What do you think about the Law of GDPR and you expect to adhere to the companies or seeking training? And do you have any questions about it?


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