After the completion of the acquisition, Apple will remove the ads from Shazam

بعد اكتمال الاستحواذ أبل ستُزيل الإعلانات من تطبيق Shazam

About a year ago from now, Apple announced the official acquisition of the app Shazam. “Shazam” is the famous to know the music and programs and videos through listening to it for a few seconds, the Apple reported that the deal amounted to $ 400 million, bringing the care of that Shazam is no longer the only way to get to the music, but it’s the only one who owned Apple in this area

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Also turn with the start time in the process of acquisition has not placed Apple TV regulatory hurdles not until the middle of this year, and yesterday completed the acquisition of fully and announced at the same time its intention to remove the ads from the free version, as well as the abolition of layer subscription to become a free service fully, this will be in the update for the future.

Finally it is interesting to know whether the app will continue to display the links to buy music from Google Play or the man, or the presence of new additions, of course, the days would be enough to see us to do so.

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