After the fine of the European Commission, Google warns that Android might not remain free

I don’t think it’s fair to ask Google not to include their applications in the Android OS that dominates the smartphone market by more than 86%, which is provided originally for the manufacture of phones and tablets and other consumer electronics that work for free, but the European Commission thinks otherwise.

The European Commission decided today to impose a fine on Google of $ 5 million USD, in the decision to force the company to remove Chrome browser apps search Android system.

In response to the decision of the European Commission, defended the head of the Google Executive, Sundar pichai, announced today the publication on the company blog, on the right of the company to include in the browser and other applications in Android system.

Peaceful pichai light on the fact that the user Android model “will install about 50 apps by myself” and can remove pre-installed apps easily, but prevent Google from embed its own application will lead to confuse the Android.

Pichai noted that the success of the Android system and provide free of charge to companies based on the included Google Apps, so the decision of the European Commission that may affect the business model of Android free, in reference to consumers and hardware makers and with that Android might not remain free.

But do you do it Google? Not likely to spawn Google charges the manufacturers hardware to use Android in its devices, but may use this method as a means of pressure.

Do you think that Google is determined to make the Android paid the price? Let me know what you think in the comments.


The intervention city after the fine of the European Commission, Google warns that Android might not remain free was published first in are.

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