After the Galaxy fold.. Samsung introduces a new phone retractable

Shortly after the detection of Galaxy Fold spread recently that Samsung is working on other smart phones folding, this confirms that the Galaxy Fold is the beginning of that series, where it is believed that there are two new models, at least under preparation, claims a report by South Korea that one of them will be in the form of a clamshell, this means that the smartphone will be retractable vertically, it is said that this device is equipped with OLED display size of 6.7 inches was up in the date of next year, it might be the Samsung smartphone foldable, the following is Cheaper, The earlier report issued by Bloomberg has alleged that the company Samsung has made prototypes of foldable phone vertically and it is in the process of improving the design.

The specification of the third generation after the Galaxy Fold

بعد هاتف Galaxy fold جهاز آخر لسامسونج قابل للطي العموديAfter the Galaxy fold another device Samsung folding vertical

According to the leaks the device contains the additional screen from the outside, and report today a quite similar device that has been talked about previously, will be the folds of the OLED panel compared to 6.7 inches about a horizontal axis in exactly the way that works the phones is a clamshell or reverse, when this device is folded, the five on the screen of one inch in the front to display simple information, if it ended up to launch a device like this device from Samsung, that would be a more decrease compared to the way I approached it with the Galaxy Fold.

It’s basically a smart phone or a tablet computer with a folding screen the size of a 7.3-inch display screen of 4.6 inches, with a screen size of 6.7-inches when folded, and you can accomplish a lot on the external monitor and open the main screen only when it is needed, it is possible to allow these changes to smartphone folding doesn’t cost 1980 dollars like the Galaxy Fold, so will go a long way towards enabling more customers to put their hands on the device, folding Despite these reports about the next phone foldable in a vertical manner, except that everyone is still waiting for the release of the phone, folding horizontally, which is long overdue.

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