After the issue of the European Union; Google will charge a fee for phone manufacturers to use its applications in Europe

بعد قضية الاتحاد الأوروبي؛ قوقل ستفرض رسوماً على مصنعي الهواتف لاستخدام تطبيقاتها في أوروبا

For the first time, will Google change the policy of licensing the use of its applications on the European continent, where they will charge a fee for the privilege of using their apps like Play Store and some apps the company’s other phone manufacturers working with Android.

Comes read Google in the midst of the judgment of the European Commission to fine the company$5 billion for allegedly violating the laws of non-celebration last July, and ordered them to unzip and Link Editor Chrome apps search with the Android system as it was considered illegal, so you will see manufacturers of Android phones the same pay for the back service Google host – system applications basic as Play Store, which is considered the backbone of essential in the systems of Android, but the Android system as a whole will remain free and open source.

When it comes to companies that will remain interested in owning apps Google on phones you’ll be forced to pay a license fee to use package include apps like Play Store and here Google and YouTube will be in one pack fee under the licence to use one, and the Chrome and apps other search can be added for free on top of the initial package.

It is not clear for a moment as the value of the fees that you will be by Google, but the thing that companies you pay for access to Google services via their phones in Europe.

The question arises; How will be the forms of Android phones without apps Google?

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