After the last incident.. do you have to worry about explosion iPhone your own?

We all remember the incident of the explosion of phones Note 7 Samsung and how this has caused countless problems for Korean, later traded it and ended the problem, only that the problems of explosion and combustion of the phones are still level and almost occur in all types of phones.. as well as phones iPhone.

A few days ago word spread about the explosion of the iPhone 6 owned by a teenager, an American named Kyle Ramos however, what’s interesting about this case in general is that the phone exploded on its own without being connected to the network or affects any external stimulation, and this in itself calls for analysis, however, there is another question looped in the horizon: can you blow iPhone Your at any time?

What’s the story with the explosion of iPhone 6 without contact electricity?

Reported Kayla Ramos it while using the phone and found what looked like sparks or short circuit out of it, then she threw it away over the cover of the bedroom, then filled with this error rights as a result of the explosion of the phone which was used only in watching the YouTube videos and the like from simple tasks according to a statement by Kyle.

Reported the mother of the girl she had gone to one of the branches of the Apple and told them what happened and of course they replace her phone with a new one and started investigation in the matter unless the company itself did not comment on the event until now, as we all know Al mentioned more than once that there are many factors able to cause the combustion or explosion of phones, including the use of cable is not genuine or fix the device in place is reliable only to the family of Kyle confirmed that they did not do any of this.

Recall that the phone Kyle didn’t explode literally, but he was out buying and it was so hot that he was able to burn bed cover, and below is a video of the incident:

First, why burst the Galaxy Note 7? the

As mentioned before, incidents of explosion and keep challenge for all companies but most of those incidents prevalent is certainly an accident. Note 7 this is because there are more than 50 thousand units of the device have exploded already -as I recall – add to that it’s come to that Samsung pulled the efficiency of the devices as to the U.S. Federal Government has banned the carrying and use of the phone to the airline, even for units that are free of problems.

Problem Galaxy Note 7 was caused by the main is the battery, this is what has been revealed after some time now from the beginning of the incident, if you remember, the main reason here is the fact that these batteries come from the type of lithium ion battery Lithium Ion is batteries used in a wide range of devices, as you can use the decoding devices which operate in this type of battery known to burst however and fortunately there are a blast those are pretty rare, Also you have to realize the exact meaning of the word explosion (Exploding) Here, since it’s not like the bombs in movies it is a blast and simple and may not be harmless only in the case of the approaching device of the body.

You can blow up iPhone your own?

The short answer is “yes”, that’s because there are incidents of the explosion of phones iPhone many and the closest to the incident that we started the article talking about, but the good news here is that the probability of explosion iPhone, Your is actually not great. that when compared to the number of phones unexploded ordnance per year in exchange for the number of phones sold, the question here is : Do you burst phone one of your friends by Or at least do you know anyone from near or from far away had burst his phone? Usually the answer is no.

It’s here and by the way, does not depend on the respect of the only phones to iPhone, but any smartphone running another of any well-known company to another, as well as the likelihood of the explosion of your phone is less than one in a million, this of course compared with the amount of phones manufactured each year, which works efficiently and this is taking into account that Apple has sold million iPhone!

What are the reasons that may make the iPhone explode?

Watch the hardware: the most important reasons that may make the phone explode are the problems of the inner gear of the phone and on top of the battery, usually these problems are the problems of manufacturing or misuse.

Overheating the phone: Noah Apple that the temperature of the iPhone must not exceed 45 degrees Celsius in any case where that temperature rise in this figure is may lead to damage to the internal components of the phone and thus burned, only the phone you will be shown a window alert in this case, too, if you live in a hot climate make sure to use the cover of the iron ore is suitable to allow the passage of air to the phone.

Use extensions for cheap: use the accessories of cheap or low-quality or even that gas dedicated to the phone directly is something that may help in the deterioration of the performance of the phone in general, however, usually such as this may also help in the explosion or combustion of the phone you won’t, the company will compensate you I’m burning your phone because of this factor.

Perhaps the best we can blow it up now is a heated discussion in the comments! If you agree with me popcorn now we think about it.:)



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