After the launch of iOS 11.4 .. full list of the highlights of the nurses provided by the update


Apple launched the latest update of the sub carries the version number of the iOS 11.4, which provided a number of improvements and new features, including compatibility between phones, iPhone and headphones, smart HomePod, as well as an Apple for the first time the technique of AirPlay being a third that allows a user of running voice on a range of multiple wireless devices at once, with the following monitor key features of the new system as follows:


– Storing messages on iCloud

Lets new operating system to synchronize messages stored on iCloud, including the storage of all private messages including iMessage or SMS messages from all devices in the iCloud, in addition to sync messages between all devices owned by the user, and store all the photos, attachments, messages, Old of all the devices online in the iCloud.

– Support AirPlay 2

This feature allows for the users of iPhone, iPad AND contact to more than hear with in the house wirelessly, with the possibility to control all of them, so that the user can play a particular song in heaven, existing in the living room and the existing kitchen and the possibility to control the level of sound in each of them, independently, is considered the headphone Sonos One of the best options, or cheapest that support AirPlay 2.

– Support headphones HomePod

This feature allows users to run more than to hear a HomePod at the same time to get a stronger voice, in the police say that each speaker adjusts the sound automatically according to the place in the room, and on the user when setting up the headset HomePod again in the same room however, choose to operate the two speakers together as a “stereo pair”, and then the user can communicate with “Siri” like dealing with just one Earphone.

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