After the offer officially.. features system iOS 13

A few days ago, precisely Thursday, September 19, launched the Apple operating system for iPhone new iOS 13, What are the highlights of its features?

Al black

If you are wondering about a secret obsession about Al black, you probably will answer more if you use the screen phone of Olid, in a black color appears real and dark and is so comfortable to work; simply because it is a pixel off, not pixels lit black color looks like Gray as is the case with LCD screens. Thus, the theme of black able also to save battery power of the phones, significantly if the used screen Olid, because it replaces the Pixels were used to power PCs extinguisher do not use any energy to display the Black color.

Apple made a feature of the default skin black as an option drastically in iOS 13, and allows the developers of apps for iPhone to use, and it allows in the settings to schedule the date of transition of Al regular and black according to today’s times.

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