After the official announcement.. the specification of my phone Pixel 4/ Pixel 4 XL

Revealed Google officially unveiled the phone of its leading Pixel 4 وPixel 4 XL, under power, there is nothing to add to what has been revealed by the leaks.

Comes my phone Pixel 4 features offered by Google for the first time, which is what I have focused on in the conference, the most important of which is screen Olid rate update 90 Hz. And tea is considered a note, but the edges are relatively thick to ensure a lot of sensors.

For the first time with pixels, adds the Pixel 4 camera background of the second next to the main camera, which is kind of telephoto lens, so as to provide optical zoom even twice without loss of quality.

Similar to Apple TV, called Google Reader fingerprint of the finger, and replaced it with a system advanced in the recognition of three-dimensional face. Also made the Sensor “Radar” for the first time can control the phone by waving in front of him.

Similar to OnePlus 7T comes Pixel 4 screen can control the refresh rate have to be 60 or 90 Hz, and my Google that the water does not affect battery life as much as you affect the water in the OnePlus. Refresh rate high means that the games will keep the user more safety than before.

It is worth mentioning that phones Pixel was always the strongest in photography, has Google revealed about the development of the software in the camera application, stating the situation astronomer to photograph the stars of heaven, prominent at night, and changes to Night Mode and portrait photography, High Dynamic HDR.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the software is the advantage of “double compensation” that allows to set the value of two different methods to compensate to the fact; one of the region bright and the other for the shadows or dark area; to show the detail accurately.

The specification of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Pixel 4

Pixel 4 XL

The screen5.7-inch more6.3-inch more
2,280 x 1,080 pixels
(444 pixels/inch)
3,040 x 1,440 pixels
(537 pixels/inch)
ProcessorSnapdragon 855
Radio6 GB
Storage64 GB
128 GB
The front camera8 MP
Rear cameraThe main 12-megapixel camera
Close to the 16-megapixel camera
The systemAndroid 10
Battery2800 mAh3700 mAh
ShippingWired 18 watt
Wireless standard Qi
The charging portUSB-C
Water resistanceIP68
System authenticationIdentify three-dimensional face
PriceStarts from$799Starts from$899

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