After the release of the final version of iOS 13

iOS 13 is perhaps the most anticipated version of mobile OS from Apple. This contributed to the abundance of new features, which have been waiting for so long ignored in Cupertino. Then you and the night and typing using the swipe, and even mouse support. Of course, that Apple had to devote to the development and testing of these innovations a long time and at some point there were even rumors that iOS 13 will not be released until winter. But if we can trust them?

This spring, developer Steven Troughton-Smith figured out that the internal name 13 iOS that Apple uses is 2019WinterSeed (release in the winter of 2019). All anything, but the name iOS 12.3, which was released in may, called 2019SpringSeed (release in spring 2019). The lateness of the release of iOS 13 it would be possible to explain mass atypical for iOS features that Apple had to implement. However, at WWDC 2019, the company confirmed that the release will take place in the autumn, and so it remains only to calculate a specific date.

IOS 13

According to the newspaper iPhoneSoft, iOS 13 will be released September 16. Colleagues claimed that they had received this information directly from sources in the Apple, hence, it is guaranteed you can trust. On the same day, most likely, will be released macOS 10.15 Catalina, watchOS tvOS 6 and 13. But as far as the exact date, named people iPhoneSoft?

The release date of previous versions of iOS

  • iOS 10 — September 13 (Tuesday)
  • iOS 11 — September 19 (Tuesday)
  • iOS 12 — September 17 (Monday)

Typically, Apple holds its autumn presentation in mid-September, trying to choose for the event Monday or Tuesday. At least in Cupertino adhered to this practice in recent years. And as to change anything in the existing model presentations the company has no reason, we would prefer to believe that most likely the information is correct, and the iOS 13 will take place on September 16.

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