After the update to iOS 12 – you become a battery performance better or worse?

Apple launched the iOS update 12 for general users yesterday, and certainly has a lot of users update their devices hoping to enjoy the benefits of the new update will increase performance and also for better performance the battery or at least not draining quickly!

بعد التحديث إلى iOS 12 - هل أصبح أداء البطارية أفضل أم أسوأ ؟

After the update to iOS 12 – you become a battery performance better or worse?

Rapid depletion of the battery after the update

Ranging from complaints of the users about the battery after the big updates of the system, only complaint was the predominant be rapid depletion of the battery more than usual.

This may be a natural and logical due to several reasons, including:

  • The high rate of use of the device after the update to discover the new features in the system.
  • For the regime to do the re-indexing of the files on the device, a process occur in the background and take a lot of effort processor and battery power, and duration vary according to the amount of files stored on your device, then the device returns normal.
  • Command the system to download new updates for applications installed on the device.

All these things may explain the rapid depletion of the battery after updating to iOS of 12, so the performance of the battery properly it’ll have to wait until it says the iOS update 12 organize and arrange your device.

Also it should be noted that the battery drain through the natural processes carried out by the system after the update is not large but sometimes not noticeable as seen in the picture below that displays the results of the test battery performance in iOS update 11.4.1 compared to the updated iOS 12 of the channel iAppleByte on YouTube, in which we observe the decline of battery life by a quarter to a half an hour after the update to iOS 12.

نتائج البطارية قبل وبعد التحديث إلى iOS 12

The results of the battery before and after update to iOS 12

Also in all cases, we use the hypothesis of the existence of a defect or problem in the update cause in the decline of the battery especially when the battery performance decreases sharply marked and continuous.


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