After updating to iOS 12.0.1 many iPhone and iPad lost support TrueTone

The new version of iOS, designed to solve the small bugs of the previous firmware, deprived the owners of a relatively new iPhone and iPad mode, True Tone – automatically adjust the color temperature of the screen under the environment. And most of the victims were the owners of recovered devices.
The problem appeared on iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X and iPad , which were purchased after a “not quite factory” restoration (such pseudo-refurbished phones with attractive price, we have a lot on the market) or those smartphones, which have replaced display.


It seems that in this way Apple chose to deal with artisanal companies that rewrap iPhone in new buildings, selling them under the guise of new. During normal certified replacement screen data with the native display (the chip on the loop) is copied to the new part.

Simple screen replacement even on the original panel from the donor can not guarantee work True Tone (and in some cases sensor aftertaste), because the chip on the display module associated with the motherboard of the phone. So fans of “make cheaper” will either have to sacrifice some features, or apply to normal service centers.

Well, potential buyers of used devices a advice from me personally, if during the inspection of the desired device in the settings screen is not the True Tone, it is better to abandon the purchase. After all, with a probability of 99.9% screen smartphone changed and did not professionals. Well, we should not forget that with such a fixation on preserving a normal moisture protection can be forgotten.

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