Again – Facebook want pay for the trade you

After growth earlier this year due to the payment of its users between the ages of 13 to 35 $ 20$ month to install the VPN software follow him on their phones and allowed to roam on them, the police stopped these practices, but they handed it back again.

It wasn’t entirely clear that all of the adolescent participants in this program of Facebook are fully aware of the degree of privacy that deals with it by allowing the police access to their data, while the company filed the application last similar recently in the name of the Study, its purpose is similar, which is to “study” the behavior of the users access to their data exchange giving them a direct financial month.

The company said it has developed this program to fit with the expectations of the people when they register to participate in the programmes of market research, noting that it provided transparency and neglected to maintain the security of users ‘ data.

The company does not specify amounts to be paid by users, while participating in the program will be available for people who see an ad network of social, and by clicking you will have the opportunity to register and download the application from the store Google Play, and this time the participation is open for 18 years at least just.

You will participate in this program and waive your privacy? We participated in the comments.

Source: Facebook

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