Again the application of VLC now available on the Huawei phones

مرة أخرى تطبيق VLC متاح الآن على هواتف هواوي

Last summer, took the team VideoLAN the owner of a rich app about the definition of “VLC”, the strict procedures to prevent downloading the app on Huawei phones from the store Google Play, and the reason goes back about Huawei’s management of the tasks of the problem in the background of the phones which of course caused problems.

Reflecting the drive capacity associated with the application, which highlighted the Prevention of run VLC for audio tracks in the background, and since that time I did not have the owner of my Huawei phones only the marginalization of the application of VLC or use another operator.

But now things have changed, as pointed out a lot of campaign Huawei phones return the application VLC for download again on the store Google Play, and in this context, he noted the developers of VLC that this change has happened before a few months ago, and apparently they felt that there is no need to advertise it, and at what time last year, Huawei is updating its firmware, and this may be the reason for the return of the app on the App Store.

Download application VLC of here.

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