Against Nvidia filed a lawsuit to the court. What’s the matter?

It seems that the effects of the bear market of cryptocurrencies will have to “disentangle” even large corporations. Recently, a major graphics card manufacturer Nvidia was faced with a class action under the leadership of the legal law company Schall. The lawyers accuse the company in delivering improbable information about the state of the market.

It’s time to court

The main claim — “the company has made false and misleading investor statements.” The plaintiff noticed that Nvidia claimed full control of the situation. In other words, the GPU assured in the absence of any danger for the business and a very small influence of the stock market to profit.

Any decline in demand for graphics cards will not bring any negative impact on the company’s business, as the market of gaming there is still a very strong demand on the GPU.

Recall, Nvidia shares have become one of the most unprofitable of investments among the list of companies in the S&P 500. Strong the drain after they fell more than 54 percent.

Mining on the cards remains under pressure of low prices on the Ethereum. In mid-November, analysts at Susquehanna found that mine cryptocurrency without the presence cheap outlet virtually meaningless — profitability fell below zero.

Other major companies also experiencing not the best times. A few days ago, the Japanese manufacturer of Asimov GMO Internet Group said about leaving the sector of production of equipment for mining due to huge losses.

Among the ASIC miners there are not too many cars that can still bring at least some money. We will remind, earlier we already wrote about the five best atikah for mining Bitcoin.

Source: Nvidia

For those who want to buy something “more powerful” producers are preparing a whole series of surprises in the coming year. Some companies even drop the main cryptocurrency has not caused serious losses, so that they can continue to release products. More information about iron new products can be found in our chat.


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