Agent Smith software malicious modification of installed applications on your phone without your knowledge

Every day you discover companies security protection and malware different infect the operating systems of smart phones especially Android, however rarely discover new kinds of such software as they are mostly similar, but today we are in the process of a new type to modify the applications installed on your phone apps malicious without any intervention from you.

New software called Agent Smith revealed by the security company and the protection Check Point, which says it has access to 25 million phone said the replacement of about 112 application of sound position them with other application rate designed to display annoying ads on the users.

Most of the infected machines were running Android as old as Android 5, and 6 the duration of infection on average to two months at least.

And company security and protection of the great potential that can be accessed by malicious software miss a show annoying ads and target users to gain them.

Work software malicious way vehicle consisting of three stages of injury the devices and through the server to external. And start be with the application as a bait is installed on the user’s device and is integrated with the application sound like a game of Temple Run that is installed and operates normally, but it also contains the code of the malware.

Tell this code to the additional installation of a malicious application from an external source and holds an icon of its own in the last step says that a malicious app using several apps sources apps popular and installed on the user’s device to form updated for the main sound.

Spread malicious software, particularly in India and other neighbouring states in Saudi Arabia the estimated number of infected machines is estimated at 245 thousand device and disappear within apps popular popular in India like WhatsApp, SHAREit, MX Player, JioTV, Flipkart, Truecaller, Dailyhunt, Hotstar.

With that the malicious software discovered the beginning of the current month, it only started since the year 2016, where he was the hacker activates it through stores Android apps like 9Apps supported by the browser UCWeb owned by Alibaba.

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