AI will compete against the best players in Dota 2 at The International 2018

OpenAI research company, funded by Elon Musk, has prepared a full team of bots with artificial intelligence, which is prepared to fight with the best players in Dota 2 at The International in 2018.

Last year during The International 2017 OpenAI first introduced the AI that fought with the best players of Dota 2 in mode 1-on-1. And then the bot is easily defeated by several gamers. However, classic mode 5-on-5 much more difficult, because it requires coordinated efforts and long-term planning.

Team s got the name OpenAI Five. The bots were programmed to self-study – initially they knew nothing about the strategies of the game. During the first games characters just walked aimlessly around the map. But after a few hours of training they began to understand the basic concepts of Dota 2. Daily for several months each AI player faked 180 years of the game. Eventually they learned to make instant decisions and follow the “team spirit” – the parameter that defines which tasks for the hero will be more important than his own, or team.

Of course, not without limitations. AI plays only with the help of five heroes Dota 2 (the game is available 115) – Necrophos, Sniper, Viper, Crystal Maiden and Lich. Such factors as the choice of skill for leveling and item to sell strictly coded. Also was disabled invisibility, calls and placement of wards.

The team of bots OpenAI Five have played a few games against Amateur and semi-professional teams. A score of 4:1 in favor of the AI. The International 2018 bots will compete with the best teams in Dota 2.

Note that to evaluate this achievement the company OpenAI is worth more globally than just as an experiment with Dota 2. What AI learned to play 45-minute matches in the 5-on-5 shows its ability for long-term planning, which was considered difficult or even impossible to study for the method used. And if the AI system learned how to play such complicated games, they can use to solve complex real-world problems, for example, to control the transport infrastructure of entire cities.

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