Air taxi Voom, owned by Airbus, will compete with Uber Copter

The air taxi market in the US is heating up: the giant of the aviation industry, Airbus will be among the companies, which in 2019 will provide services for air transportation on American sky helicopters, says FastCompany. Since the autumn of this year the United States will begin to operate the first taxi Voom, owned by Airbus. Voom before services could be rendered exclusively in Latin America.

Taxi-helicopters will transport people to airports

Uber announced its own Uber Copter earlier this month. The company will provide air transportation from Manhattan to JFK airport in July; a similar service Blade provides between new York and its three airports. Airbus Voom is planning to expand its activities in Asia in 2019, and by 2025 will cover 25 cities worldwide with an expected passenger flow of two million people a year.

All these companies see in their helicopter service is the entry point for the planned transition to the use of electric taxi vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL). Airports seem to be the most suitable option to use these first air taxi as the travel time during peak hours significantly reduced since customers will probably solvent because they often fly and will be able to afford a trip for $ 200.

Flying cars may seem like something out of the ordinary or fantastic, but according to a recent research, they can help us in the fight against climate change. NASA and several other companies — including Boeing and Airbus — the race to develop an electric version of the flying cars. This technology needs to be implemented in five years and fully deployed — ten.

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