“AirBolt”.. Smart Lock Safe For Lovers of travel, excursions

What more reduces the need to travel it is his luggage, he is not ready to adopt the hours approved in the re-buy accessories, trade between the markets for clothing or a shaver or toothbrush or mobile charger or a pair of socks!

So the smart lock “art” AirBolt represents an ideal choice for lovers of travel, he holds an approval of the Transportation Security Administration TSA, which allowed on-board flights without worrying about preventing it, as it contains security features, carrying bags of speed.

The lock “iron” AirBolt smartphone works via connection to a smartphone to its owner via Bluetooth, it is compatible with Android phones Android and iOS, it will not only open the Safe of the owner.

Besides the smart lock contains a tone warning on the phone if you bought the bag for free, which is the mind important for the market, as it can track the bag and place it over the phone thanks to GPS technology GPS activated inside the lock.

And lock “art” AirBolt battery lithium-ion battery is sufficient for continuous for the whole year, as it is charging the lock via the micro USB port, and allows its own application to adjust each person’s ideas as he likes, it also presents a detailed report of the votes that have been open the lock for more security and Privacy.

Successfully campaign financing lock “art” AirBolt in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is available for purchase through the website priced at $ 79 (1,500 pounds).

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