Airbus introduced the all-electric racing plane

Today, the electric vehicle develops some crazy pace. And even five years ago about such it was impossible to even dream of. Passenger electric vehicles is no surprise, and electrogrooving safely and almost on par with ordinary vehicles can transport cargo. Are conducted and development in the field of elektrozapalom. But perhaps the most interesting development in this field were presented by the experts of Airbus electric racing plane.

Racing plane? And even fully electric? This is something new!

Why electric racing plane

For starters it’s worth noting that almost all electric aircraft developed to date, focused more on the sphere of transportation of passengers. However, among those who are interested in aviation, there are those who probably heard about the planned competition Air Race E, which is a sort of analogue of the famous “Formula 1”, but from the world of planes. It is assumed that Air Race will include eight aircraft that will fly along the track at a height of 10 meters and at a speed of around 400 kilometers per hour.

However, in the framework of the championship will be used not the usual flying vehicles. For example, engineers from Airbus and Nottingham University have created the world’s first fully-electric racing aircraft called White Lightning (the White lightning). White Lightning, according to the developers, able to reach speeds of 483 kilometres per hour, which is a very decent figure for electroanalyt. But that is not all so rosy.

Lithium battery, to put it mildly, short-lived, — says the chief organizer of the Air Race E Jeff Wachman. White Lightning can fly at high speeds only about 5 minutes, and 10 minutes reserve of flight at lower engine power. The plane and the tournament is kind of a “test stand”, which will contribute to the development of electric transport generally and air travel in particular.

How do you feel about the idea of elektrozapalom? Express your opinion in the comments and in our chat in Telegram. Racing tournament E Air Race to be held in early to mid-2020, and some details about the upcoming race will surely appear in the near future. For example, the guide Air Race E not yet ready to name the other 7 teams (besides Airbus) that will participate in the tournament. But promises to do it “soon”.

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Going back to the beginning of the article: so why the need for such a quick electrocapillary, considering the fact that they still can fly no longer than 5 minutes? It is actually quite simple: as a rule, in such devices, “driven around” the mass of technological innovations and production processes of the various components. And technological discoveries made here can go to the “private sector” conventional aviaperevozok. In the end, something similar happened with Motorsport and cars in gasoline engines, when the technology used on the race track, reflected in the cars for the mass market segment.

Demonstrations of flight White Lightning, unfortunately, no. But that is a different electroanalyt developed by NASA, you can watch the video available below.

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