Airbus will build the planes out of the material on the basis of synthetic web

Despite the very long air travel, material for the manufacture of aircraft has not changed much. And they, meanwhile, was getting heavier and started to demand more fuel. And Airbus has decided to correct this deficiency one of the first using in the design of aircraft experimental material on the basis of synthetic web.

The material is called Biostar and its development and study is a German AMSilk, which is the first industrial supplier of biopolymers from materials of this type. She biostal is an experimental material based on synthetic spider silk. Strands of synthetic spider silk make up the skeleton of the material, forming a “braided” internal structure. The production process is the bacterial fermentation of special microorganisms. This requires a special nutrient medium and special conditions. In the production of biosteel is not formed waste, which can pollute the environment.

As mentioned above, the fuel emissions into the atmosphere during the flight are quite large. 1 flight mid-size passenger plane emits as much waste materials, as well as one car in a few months. Therefore, lighter materials will reduce the required amount of fuel and emissions. Now for this purpose, a hydrocarbon fiber, but it is extremely difficult to manufacture. That is why Airbus makes a choice in favor bioscale.

The press service of the Airbus reported that the prototype of the new material will be presented in 2019, and then begin the creation of aircraft from bioscale based on synthetic spider silk.

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