“AirDrop of Google” is finally available on most Android smartphones

When the manufacturer of the smartphone or software for it announces some new handy feature all immediately think that it will be available only for the elite, that is for owners of the latest version. It happened with the new feature of quick sharing from Google. Many were sure that the new feature Nearby Share will be available only for those who can afford a phone with Android 11, but Google went the other way, and the new function will work even on devices that haven’t received updates. The best part is that it does not have to do anything complicated.

Sharing files is now much easier.

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Nearby function Share from Google

Frankly, as soon as there was information that Google is preparing a new feature, I was delighted and decided that the process of sharing files will be much more convenient. In the end, it’s about time something to solve this. Then the euphoria quickly gave way to a slight doubt. Suddenly I can not, I decided, remembering those occasions when new features have been promising, but in fact were not viable even before the first time left the developer’s computer.

In the end, it took a little time, I understood the process and began again to believe in the undertaking Google. Time will tell, nothing I did or not, but so far everything looks very good. Most importantly, to use it can almost all.

We have long waited for convenient file sharing.

Which phones will work Nearby Share

Many of us were expecting the function to Nearby Share will be available only in Android 11, but it is not. Instead, the company decided that the use of Nearby Share have the right to all who have Android 6.0 or later. It turns out that the smartphone originally released on Android 6.0, some of which do not receive updates for the past two to three years, get a new and even revolutionary function. And just given that Android 6.0 was launched almost five years ago, which means that most people will Nearby function Share. Now, not so many devices that were released before.

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Given how long Android smartphones get the updates, the result looks really impressive. Even security updates do not go so long.

How to access Share Nearby

Interestingly, Nearby Share will be part of the updates of Google Play services, so you do not need to fully update the firmware for it. Moreover, if the process was implemented exactly, we just wouldn’t wait on such wide circulation of the news. Smartphone manufacturers simply would not have to mess with that. Largely due to the fact that by giving her only with Android 11, it would be much easier to sell new products. There are technical reasons, so it is especially nice that Google put it all on me.

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Initially, something like that suggested Apple and it has this feature called AirDrop. It is noteworthy that in the case of cupertinos function received only the owners of the new version of the operating system. However, in the case of Apple this also applies to smartphones which were released several years before this.

Choose whom to send and file “flies”.

How does the Nearby Share

Nearby Share allows you to share files with people around you. Anyone who for a long time using Android, can remember using NFC for file transfer between phones. Everything will be much easier.

Google claims that you can share files, links, images and more with the people around you, while maintaining confidentiality.

The sharing feature will be built into the send menu. Next to the Copy button under the link or image that you want to share a new button. From there you can configure the settings before you send someone a file. For example, your device name and visibility of the device. So you can share files with anyone or to configure restrictions, like a contact list or a specific recipient.

Google is really trying to make phones better. You can help her

The recipient will receive a notification and he will have the opportunity to accept or decline the file. Nearby Share is also automatically uses the best in this situation, the Protocol. This can be Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or even Wi-Fi. So it will be possible to quickly and easily share files even when you are not connected to the Internet. And just don’t have first you it somewhere to download, and the recipient to download. If you are close, then you can skip the unnecessary links of the transmission chain.

Exchange will be possible without intermediaries.

How to transfer files from Android to computer or iPhone

Of course, Nearby Share works with other Android devices, but Google also built it into Chrome. And if Chrome is available on almost every platform, this means that it will work with everything. This includes Chromebook, Windows, macOS and Linux. This may not yet work with the iPhone, but Google is probably working on it and will give us a really versatile tool.

If you are not satisfied with something at work Nearby Share and you would like to change something, speak out in our Telegram chat.

This alone makes Nearby Share much more impressive than AirDrop since it is available on devices not owned by Google. But AirDrop is only available on Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone and Mac.

You have to see on its device function Nearby Share (just click “Share” on the link or anything else). If this yet, check update Google services. If they’re all right, just wait a while. The account is already not even a week, and on days or hours.

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