AirPods 2 will retain the same design, the base wireless charging AirPower will be released in the spring

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Having been monitoring headphones AirPods 2 in the official website of the authority Bluetouth SIG a few months ago and the disclosure of its support to Bluetooth 5.0, we have received to date on recent information reveal to us about more details.

According to sources indoor, the headphones AirPods 2 coming from Apple coming design similar to the design of headphones AirPods current, but you will get some changes under the hood such as providing the name of the best, and to support additional technology related to health, such as sensor heartbeat. As for battery life, it is expected to remain the same without change.

There are also rumors saying that the headphones AirPods 2 new you will get a new coating in order to experience the constipation the best. Some believe that the high-end models of iPhone coming in the second half of this year you will get that new paint also. When it comes to the price, he hesitated now that he will be raised from$ 150 to$200.

The report includes new information about the base wireless charging AirPower also. As all of you probably know, it was supposed to be the launch of the base wireless charging this last year, but that’s not what happens in the end, and now, the new report notes that it will be launched in the spring of this year with a pack of AirPods 2, which will support wireless charging, and mentioned this, the frequency that it will retain the card less compared with those that don’t support wireless charging. Will be the base wireless charging AirPower thicker than was initially expected, probably because of the winders used for drinking. It is also expected the presence of additional features but will not be available until the launch of the system iOS 13 in the second half of this year.

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