AirPods are beginning to take positions?

For many users AirPods headphones have become a favorite in the segment of “truly wireless” (TWS), and because of this Apple product has taken the leading position in its category. According to a new report from Counterpoint Research, Apple’s earphones are still in the lead in the segment of wireless devices, but the company still begins to lose its influence in the market due to steadily increasing competition.

Will AirPods Pro to correct the situation?

In the experts ‘ report States that by the third quarter of 2019 has sold more than 33 million headphone type TWS, which is 22% more than in the second quarter of this year. While in the U.S. alone, accounted for one third of sales in this category; a quantitative index for the first time exceeded 10 million units sold in one quarter.

However, the cause for concern is Apple. In the last quarter, the share of AirPods accounted for 53% of sales “truly wireless” headset. Now this figure fell to 45%. Samsung, which is one of the main competitors of Apple in smartphone segment is just 6% of the market of wireless headphones, which puts the South Korean giant to third place. Chinese brand Xiaomi has distinguished what has reached the market share of 9%, and now he’s in second place, but as you know, Apple it is still very far away.

AirPods while in the lead, but competitors are not asleep

Because the report refers to the third quarter of 2019, the results do not include sales of new AirPods Pro. But analysts shared information about the fact that there is now a rapid growth in demand for AirPods new generation. By the way, Apple is also present in this list under a different brand — Beats, and making progress in this direction since the new Powerbeats Pro has received numerous positive reviews from users. Brand Beats yet ranks fifth in shares.

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In recent months, Amazon and Microsoft have also entered the market of wireless headphones with Amazon Echo and Microsoft Surface Buds Earbuds respectively. This, combined with several other Chinese competitors, should strengthen competition.

The fact that the “real” wireless headphones are the most useful and handy accessories for smartphones, rapidly spreading among consumers. Waiver wires, as well as advanced design headphones with advanced features such as active noise reduction is another motivation to buy, say analysts.

In addition to the AirPods from Apple in the list of best selling wireless headphone has premium models cost about 150-200 US dollars, such as the Jabra Active Elite 65t and Bose SoundSport Free. Ease of use, comfort and ease and mobility were highlighted as the main reasons for choosing AirPods compared to other wireless headsets. However, when it comes to reasons for choosing these headphones, the sound quality is the least important criterion, therefore, only 41 % of consumers claimed that this was the reason for the purchase. Of these brands Bose was the most preferred sound quality.

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