AirPods beat all records. Why are they so popular?

To explain the high popularity of the AirPods is quite difficult. It’s definitely not the best headphones, not only from the point of view of sound, but also from the point of view of price and performance. However, consumers from all over the world for the second year in a row buying them in huge numbers, regularly causing a deficit in both formal and “grey” retail stores. Has reached that in two years its presence on the market AirPods surpassed by the speed of propagation of even the iPhone at the same time.

For a start, let’s understand how it AirPods managed to bypass the sales of iPhone, which is the most popular brand of smartphones in the world. In their calculations, analysts compare the sales of Apple mobile devices during the first two years after the official release. During this period AirPods sold a total circulation of over 25 million copies, second only to the iPad, which at the dawn showed quite so exorbitant growth rates.

AirPods — popular iPhone

AirPods today is something more than just headphones. It’s a status thing, able to argue with the iPhone for the title of most coveted gift. It can be clearly seen on the chart queries in Google. If in 2016 the number of those containing the word “AirPods” grew year to year by only 10%, then in 2017, the growth amounted to 100% and in 2018 – all 500%. A huge indicator, if you think about it. But how come that inconspicuous and far from the best headphones blew up the market?

Why buy AirPods

First, AirPods is a kind of pointer. Full compatibility with iPhone headphone only indicates that their owner is in the pocket of Apple. And no matter what the offer is quite a budget model, the important thing is that the iPhone is still associated by most users with the highest wealth of its owner.

Second, AirPods is visibility. It just so happened that almost all Apple products are incompatible with the show. Mac is on the desktop at home or in a backpack if we are talking about a laptop, iPhones tucked away in a pocket or purse, and the Apple Watch tucked under the sleeve of a shirt or jacket. But AirPods are constantly in sight, just where fall the eyes of another person. Due to the crystal-white color they are visible even under the thick hair, proving that their media is a lot about the quality of the products.

Thirdly, AirPods is convenience. Due to the form factor of earbuds, these headphones are suitable for almost everyone. The percentage of people who have AirPods fall out of the ears far less than those who do not fit a “bung”. Whether you are moving across town, driving or running on a treadmill, AirPods almost impossible to lose.

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