AirPods disappeared from the online Apple stores across Europe

Apple withdrew from the sale of the majority of European Apple Online Store wireless headphones AirPods, convinced after analyzing the situation in the online stores of several countries of the European Union. In contrast to previous stock-outs of Apple accessory is not available for purchase at all, and the “Buy” button instead of the traditional blue gray, which is an indication of inactivity.

The reason AirPods once disappeared from sale in many European countries, most likely, lies in the imminent presentation of a new model. According to rumors, the release of headphones the second generation will take place at the next Apple event, which will take place before the end of October.

2 AirPods

As previously reported by, updated AirPods needs to be protected from water and dust, as well as the ability to invoke Siri by voice without touching the headphone. In addition, we expect a significant increase in time of Autonomous work. This will be achieved by equipping the new energy-efficient chipset, W-series new generation.

Appearance themselves AirPods 2 will remain virtually unchanged, but the charging case, which comes complete with headphones, will receive a small restyling. In particular, the onboard led will be illuminated in different colors, indicating the charge level of the battery.

To buy AirPods in Russia

It is noteworthy that the AirPods current generation is missing from most online Apple stores from Europe are still available for purchase at the Russian Apple Online Store. When ordering today promise to deliver on the 19 of October, of course, provided that you are in Moscow. For remote regions delivery time may vary in a big way.

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