AirPods Pro: How to switch between the noise cancellation feature transparency mode

Two more features of the AirPods Pro botnets are definitely noise cancellation noise cancellation and transparency Transparency. Here are how to switch between these modes.

It is worth mentioning that the noise cancellation works efficiently cancel the noise of the surrounding environment fully while listening to music, the transparency mode lets you hear what’s going on in the surrounding environment while listening to music.

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Instead of double-clicking on the sky as is the case with the first and second generation of AirPods to in the sky, the AirPods Pro used to put pressure on the tool sensor and force sensor Force Sensor embedded in the stem of each earphone. Pressing for a long time to switch between noise-canceling and transparency, while moving clicks single and double and triple in the photos.

We will in the following three ways to switch between noise-canceling and transparency, and how to allocate sensors of force, including the speed and duration of key presses, how to enable noise cancellation when using the headset, only one of the AirPod Pro.

AirPods Pro: How to switch between the noise cancellation feature and transparency

First option: Press long on the sensor force Force Sensor

  • To switch between noise-canceling transparency mode, press and hold on one of the legs of your headsets ear AirPods Pro until you hear a sound effect is mild.

Option II: Control Center

  1. Open Control Center (swipe down from the top right corner on the iPhone, modern, and up from the bottom on the old devices)
  2. Long press on a sound chip (must show headphone icon AirPods Pro)
  3. Switch between noise-canceling and transparency and shutdown

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Second option: Bluetooth settings

  1. You can also access the same settings and more on your iPhone
  2. Go to Settings then click on Bluetooth, and press the icon “i” next to the headset AirPods Pro (make sure you contact them)
  3. You can select the option to “control Noise” Noise Control to change the settings
  4. The bottom of the “noise control”, you can change if both headphones AirPods Pro them the option to cancel the noise/transparency activated or if one of them activate Siri.
  5. You can also choose to “shut off” off so you can switch between noise-canceling and transparency by pressure on the sensor power.

سماعات AirPods Pro

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