AirPower is dead – long live AirTag

AirPods, AirPower, AirTag. I wonder what’s next? The woman (the Apple) suddenly became stuffy and boring, pulled her in the air – however, not for the first time. Remember in January 2008 posters about “something in the air”? But now these Air increasingly smaller and, surprisingly, more interesting.

Yes this is a keychain from the “Troika”!

And, as you know, the most important thing in any high-tech product is its name. Maybe not the most important thing, but if you ever participated in the name search for their next masterpiece (in my case, the masterpiece took place, and offered me dozens of names, no one didn’t even make the shortlist), you know how they treat this issue. Tenderly. And here, the result of exhausting the creative madness they found what you need. Tag Apple decided to call AirTag. So, through suffering. But in the legal Department found that it the trademark of a group of companies registered in the Zelenograd Administrative District of Moscow, ISBC. The coveted title was used to refer to RFID chips. Similar cases in the history of Apple has been. For iOS, identical to Cisco IOS, up to register the first letters, internetwork operating system by Cisco Systems of San Jose, California. The issue was resolved, since 2010, and currently Apple pays Cisco for the use of trademarks iOS. How much is unknown, under what conditions, in principle, possible to guess. Apparently, they are the same as in the case of “Apple Computer vs Apple Corps”.

AirTag from Russia

This time the brand I bought, completely. For a group of companies from Zelenograd, I think rain struck gold. Our persistently to defend their own interests, and perhaps that is due to the fact that to solve this question was harder than in 2010, with Cisco Systems, the Apple Tag in September of this year did not take place. September 10, 2019, when due to leakage from the top Apple analysts knew not only about iPhone 11 all varieties and sizes, but the fact that Apple is expected to announce what we now know as the Apple Tag, at a price of 25 or 30 dollars apiece. And that it will be a small round shaped device with the Apple logo in the center of the circle. Fans of them even drew.

Predpolagaemyj appearance “air tags”

This tiny article (the word “tag” means “tag”, I like the word “label” – let AirTag’and are the “products”), to ultra-wideband detection system and communication products to track the position of an object or a living being, should be attached to it. Further work magic. While the required far, his location is displayed on Apple Maps. When approaching the target, it can be seen with the help of augmented reality, against reality real. Very convenient. But the fact that drew dreamers, I think, though beautifully-elegant-grace and style Apple that takes very. Interesting to see how and what I did wrong.

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In late October, the trademark AirTag was successfully acquired by Apple (though in iOS 13.2 very interesting folder “AirTag” appeared long before that – but the iOS system files without training and special tools will not reach, and the infringement is deemed not could), it immediately became known, ISBC issued a press release about the rejection of the brand in favor of not named companies, RFID chips ISBC group will now be referred to as ISBC. The amount of the transaction, the terms of the agreement and other details behind the scenes. Find out who bought the mark was easy. The rest, as in the case with Cisco Systems, top secret.

That is, AirTag’s going to be available?

In late October, when Apple officially acquired the rights to the trademark AirTag is possible. No less – but no more. Suddenly Apple and in fact some technical problems, or problems with the software – you do not think that this is all very simple? But, judging by indirect data (I even didn’t think of), at a press conference for a narrow circle in new York yesterday, time tags AirTag in the world was reported. Secret. Maybe it will happen today, once on the Pacific coast of the United States the day will come. Now (I am writing this at 13:30 Moscow time) today there has arrived, in the still of the night.

Apple U1 (highlighted) on the motherboard of the iPhone 11

By the way, they clearly reported a narrow circle something even more incredible – a subscription about nondisclosure of information to some point in the near future with journalists are not demanded for a long time. However, this is only a guess. But about the mysterious Apple chip U1, something that became known. It is still classified and protected as a little else – but because each iPhone 11 with any letter after the numerical index for this chip is present, and a number of these devices were purchased specifically to delve into their innards, some of the secret was revealed. Apple U1 is not a revision of the chip DW1000 Irish company Decaware, and especially not his clone. The shots from under the electron microscope the inside of the chip looks like a city from above with aerial photography: clouds, streets, buildings. Beautiful. The Apple U1 I could not find, but I especially wasn’t looking. I know the places it is not. Experts have compared it to the DW1000, and the first thing they realized (for this, according to them, no need to be an expert) – it’s a completely different chip, designed by Apple from scratch.

However, according to experts Decaware, in the Apple U1 has full support for Protocol ultra-wideband communications 802.15.4 z, and in this sense the chip from Apple is compatible with the DW1000. Will this chip integrated into the new MacBook Pro is unknown, but the magic of ultra-wideband detection system and communication (UWB) is possible in full only if each e-tag AirTag will be this chip. That U1 prohibitively low power consumption, and battery AirTag will be replaced (most likely the service centers of Apple), is also already known. And the question is will any of this work, I have two answers. The first of them – Yes. Part of the magic is already working, she’s just buggy in previous versions of iOS. The second answer is no. That is, not everywhere.

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Technology is blocked on a geographic basis

September 24, 2019 Apple has officially announced that ultra-wideband detection system and when, at the request of the regulatory authorities of several countries, will be blocked. Moreover, taking into account the powers of the system, participation in the work of detection and communication of the Apple servers and some other factors, a ban on the use of UWB system-detection to get around will be almost impossible. And, you guessed it, Russia is among these countries. The ban is probably related to the fact that the range of z used in 802.15.4 is used in these countries for something else. But other assumptions have a right to exist. Will lifted the ban in General, and when it happens – is still unknown.

It is only known that Apple with disgusting thoroughness complies with all laws of all countries in which its products work, even if it has to go against their own convictions. This is one of the basic rules of the company, and what happened in Hong Kong – a consequence of strict compliance. Exceptions only prove the rule. Once Apple broke the law. The laws of the United States, when it was about the life and death of the company, and it was done in salvation. What, when the situation returned to normal and the company is already nothing threatened, Steve reported the crime to the competent authorities of the United States – and all ended well. If you don’t count iscrepancy nerves. And yet, alas – we have ultra-wideband detection system and connection will not work, even if you use fake IP. Sad.

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